20 March 2018

Apricot Passion Cupcakes...

For Easter...
Or for anytime you want a delicious apricot passionfruit flavour hit!
Topped with an equally delicious cream cheese icing.
Apricot Passion Cupcakes will be a go to recipe for sure!

To your cupcake mixture, you fold through diced apricots.

Pop spoonsful into cupcake cases and bake.

Once cool, ice the cupcakes.
Piped swirls, or just dolloped and spread.

The cream cheese icing has a hint of passionfruit flavour.
To pipe the icing you need a star tip.
Pipe from the centre of the cup cake in a spiral to the outside to create the rose design.

The piped icing just makes them look extra special don't you think?
And the great thing is the icing sets firm.

Get the recipe for the Cupcakes and the icing HERE.

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15 March 2018

Upcycled Egg cups...

This upcycle began as a set of very retro egg cups found at the second hand shop...
They were from the 70s made from wood and ceramic.

I got all four for for 40 CENTS.
Gotta love a bargain!!
Now if I was a Retro fan they would just be left in all their original glory...
but y'all know me now I'm sure...
and white is for me.

So out came that trusty spray paint...
Rustoleum of course,
and in a matter of minutes - Retro became French Country.
A crime to some I'm sure.
But for me white is the obvious match for my white dinner set.

Though I did leave the insides of the egg cups the original gold ceramic for a nice contrast.

These sweet textured and now white egg cups will be used...

as quirky window flower vases,
for this Easter, the themed decor has extended to the kitchen.
And aren't these so sweet on the window sill.

And also to be used as an egg cup.

Because I love boiled eggs too!

What a win win!
cute and pretty...but also practical!

12 March 2018

FREE Watercolour Rabbit Printable For Easter!

How about a little rabbit cuteness to add to your Easter home decor,
Or to gift?

Free Printable
This rabbit has been created in watercolour with ink and is available FREE. 

An Easter gift from me to you.

Free Printable
Copy and paste to your computer then print on A4 size white card or paper.

© Copyright Note:
This rabbit artwork was created by Tracey Lee Cassin.
It may not be reproduced for sale or profit.
The image may not be digitally or otherwise altered in any way.
The Rabbit Watercolour image is for your personal use only,
 to use framed in your own home decor or to print, frame and gift for Easter. 

#Easter #rabbit #artwork #freeprintable

7 March 2018

The CUTEST Rabbit Cake Ever...

Well ain't this the CUTEST rabbit cake you ever did see?
There is a bit of fiddly prep,
but actually it is not too hard to create.
This cake was for a 3 year old girls birthday.
But would it not be the most fun cake to serve to family and friends this EASTER?

The first step in the week before making the cake,
you need to make the rabbit ears.

I just free hand drew the ear shape, 
but on the internet there are many free rabbit ear templates.
The ears were large at about 25 cm tall.

Then I cut out a smaller set of pink for the inner layer.
These were 15cm tall.

Then I decorated them.
The final step was to attach them to the iceblock stick with glue.

And this is the final result.

For the cake - I whipped up two packets of ready mix Strawberry cake.

These were baked in two large 23cm by 8cm deep cake pans.
Once cake is cold, remove it from pan and slice off tops so it's flat.
These cake slices can be frozen to use in trifle  type desserts.
Then ice the bottom cake layer (cut side up) with vanilla frosting, 
Top with other cake layer - with the cut side facing down to the frosting.

Place a thin layer of frosting over the entire cake.
Roll out white ready roll icing and cover the cake.

Then place the ears on top.

Make a pink strawberry frosting and create little swirls around the ears.
Decorate with edible paper flowers.
On the front pipe two eyes and a little pink nose.

To decorate the back of the cake place more pink icing swirls and more paper flowers.

It was a huge HOPPY hit at this Birthday Party...

And I think it would be as equally fabulous as a Easter cake.

The Rabbit cake was almost as big as the Birthday Girl!!

Pre Packet cake mix is a real timesaver...
and you know what?
It was pretty delicious too!

#rabbitcake #childrensbirthdaycakes #cakedecorating

5 March 2018

Pastel Painted Glassware...

This is a 'Quick and Easy' painted glassware project.
Honestly it took an entire FIVE MINUTES!
You will need some glass items.
I have used a mini vase, jug, and wide neck bottle.
And you will also need some paint in pastel colours of your choice.
I use the Rust-oleum brand of spray paint as it has a fabulous coverage.
I chose Duck Egg, Gloss White, and Citron in matte.
Make sure you use a quality paint like Rust-oleum because it makes a huge difference to the project end result!

You need to be in a well ventilated area to spray the glassware.
What you do is shake can to mix paint well,
and place the nozzle in the glassware opening and spray, turn glassware, spray.
Until you have a good coverage of the inside.

Clean up any painty finger prints and drips then set aside to dry.
I'm going to use this pretty pastel painted glassware on my Easter Sideboard in my dining room.
Once I have finished all my Easter inspired pieces I'll show you the finished vignette.
Meantime....I think I need to create some pastel paper flowers to go with this pastel bunch of glassware pretty!

#painted #glass #spraypaint #easypaintcraft

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