23 November 2013

The List!

I read an interesting article today about keeping lists.
Have a read of Louise Thompson's article here:
Are you a list person?
What do you have?
A To Do List...
Or a To Do pile?
I have both...
This is the to do pile...
I think it all started with having a child with Aspergers, 
and I cottoned on to the idea of a whiteboard.
Aspergers people need systems and routines, 
so it was the easiest way to have the home school day of activities planned.
The secret truth is I am a listaholic!
And even now - 
way past the homeschooling phase, and child an adult,
I still have a whiteboard list and a clipboard list.
The clip board list has EVERYTHING I want to do on it.
The whiteboard is - the 'little' list...to do today.
The clipboard list is always HUGE,
pages and pages long...
Oh and then I have a DREAM book.
(Actually it's just another list!)
It contains my goals...
my dreams...
and all I am grateful for,
which are written in list form.
Some people detest lists...
But they work for me.
I LOVE crossing off the things I have achieved...
It keeps me motivated and focused.
It reminds me to have 'ME' time...
It gives my life organisation...
I don't think I could live without my lists!
I don't think a list is a devil...
Because I have always accepted the fact you can never get everything done...
so if you cross only one thing off the list, that is ACHIEVEMENT!
And that is such a good feeling.
And if you don't cross anything off,
there is another day tomorrow!
What's on your written or mental list today?
Revamp something!
 Sew something...
Bake or make something...
spend time with family or friends...
 plant seeds...
 paint something...
OH MY...the 'list' of possibilities is simply endless.
So are you a List person...
Or do you agree with the article by 
Louise Thompson?
I think Louise is fabulous,
She is a Life Coach in Auckland, New Zealand.
Her articles are always fun and full of thought inspiring information.
Have a look at
Where you can explore her web page, sign up for her weekly e-newsletter,
and access loads of interesting freebies.